Thursday, June 21, 2012

Faith∴I noob ___ 信任∴傻

I am actually stupid stupid all the times, for those who know me, know this well; for those who don't know me, seem like also know about this.

Yup~ this is how I look sometimes,
maybe because of this they feel that I am stupid..
O.O hmmm how come??!! LOL GRRRRRRRR...!!!!!!
This is something I don't know I have to angry or laugh~

Frankly, nobody is stupid, we stupid, of course not because of born to be like that,
I am just because of I trust everyone around me like no turning back (义无反顾)...
*ehem, yes! I am saying that I am great~! hehe...*

But if one day, this faith has been ruined, then I should not be stupid anymore, and what I can do is only give a "bye bye" to that guys instead. Alright, the chance for this kind of situation to occur is actually quite low. Faith should be tough, strong and not easy to be spoiled. And I never wish the overturn of this society take away my faith.

Never forget, trusted by someone is also a happiness in life. 它也算是个难能可贵的东东!
After all, without faith, where's stupid come from? Nobody stupid, where's laughing come from?
In conclusion, please appreciate me laa!! lol...Please appreciate all the stupid people around you, because they are putting a pure faith on you.

Remind: The faith I stated above is not referring to strangers yar, as we know and from my experience, undeniably there are a lot of conscienceless people are doing bad stuffs toward the society nowadays. Hope they will get the proper retribution / judgement.

P/s: I had been enjoyed for too many days le~ until I almost forgot I am a 考试人 tim hehe... It's time to go back study lelar~ bb!! I go K book..~

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The day I miss you :)

Perhaps, I have drink too much of water..
eyes water are trying to come out non-stop out of sudden...
I am missing you like crazy...
Just wanna tell that I grow up well and I take good care of myself :)
no worry my most loved =)
I love you! I am sorry I am late...T_T next time I won't be late again to say this out...
Again, I am ok :")

Happy Father's Day!!

My handsome baba =) my most loved!!!

有些人,是讓你一輩子懷念的 。
By Kevin 老师

Saturday, June 9, 2012

一拳[one F。I。S。T]!!

我的拳头=我的脑 aka 我的拳头=我的脑。。。。

My brain is just as big as this~~~what you expect from her so far? TT__TT
Give me a fist ba!! Hwaiting!!!
I was just justified to die for one paper that had been sat...
So if the following 6 papers able to get all 4.0, then only I can be peace! HeLP!!
pray hard for me please~

刚跟他video call完^,^我可开心的叻嘻嘻。。。
Is it super duper cute leh~~~wakakakaka ;DD
I has just finished video call with this lovely baby,
and so I am super happy now ;PPP xoxoxo....
P/s: Even though I am the only one who talk talk talk, and he is sleeping lol :P


Friday, June 1, 2012

我爱吃+贪吃,但是我愿意饿 =)

Great!! I am going to join the 30 Famine 2012!! X)))
This is the 2nd times I join le~ must be very memorable and good experience ^^
yayayay =DDD Leehom will be there too heheehe..^,^
Love Life~ Love child~ Love people~
World Vision hwaiting!!

[30-Hour Famine Promo - Malaysian Version]

[30-Hour Famine 2012 Intro to Beneficiaries, Ambassador & Supporting Celebrities]

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Random happiness for June ^___^

Today, in order to take a cert, I had accidently exercised alot.. ~,~
Seriously, I don't like the design of my U buidlings!
Never fail to mess me up~
The important office you are looking for, is always hiding at the corner where you only able to discover if you has been told by somebody else.
The lecturer's room you are looking for, is always missing at somewhere~
e.g: you want to find room no.105, you will only see 100-104 and 106-110, 105 is always missing one :X.. here the "cute" points of the building design huh haha jinjja beh tahan ahhh!!!
"ahh S.T.R.E.S.S!!"
Fortunately, everytime after all the "exercise" has been done, I will get to find it la =].
万幸 o。o~

Tomorrow will be the 1st of June!! X)
Can start count down within one month le~ ^___^
happie dog dog, I will be back soon!! bogoshipoyoo~ :D

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Moon Sun擁抱太陽的月亮~

K drama 就是这样~很好看很好看~~可是心好痛 :[。。。
Manbo xD (Lee Minho), Samdong :D (Kim Soohyun), Jung Il Woo!!=D (from 49 Days), Han GaIn ^0^~~ sar ;D love this drama so much~~The moon embracing the sun gogogo!!

Lyn - 時間倒流
Back in Time (시간을 거슬러)
I love the chorus part so much~~~
Another nice nice ost~:

Friday, May 11, 2012

Seaweed + Korean drama

The powerful matching!!
They cheer me up~!!always~!
seaweed and Rooftop Prince + King 2 Heart !! ^^

Sekali gus finish up the seaweed!! SYOK!!
yoochun mickey taeyong DAEBAK!! Ha jiwon, Lee seungki^^
I'm actually didn't have that much time to think so much @.@
so better be happy!!
Alright, everything will be OK in the end, if it's not ok, it's not the end =).